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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

Signs Of Narcissistic Abuse

Hoovering: Hoovering refers to manipulative actions used to “suck” a person back into a relationship, such as excessive gift-giving or promising to change.

Love bombing: Love bombing occurs when a narcissist showers another person with gifts, praise, and affection to draw them into a relationship. For example, love bombers may say this individual is their “soul mate” soon after meeting them.

Gaslighting: Narcissistic gaslighting purposefully instills self-doubt in victims. A narcissist may deny events by saying, “It didn’t happen like that,” “You must be remembering it wrong,” or other similar phrases. In turn, the victim will question their reality and sanity.

Triangulation: A narcissist uses narcissistic triangulation to turn an argument in their favor. They will do so by bringing a third person into the conflict and having this person choose their “side.”

Silent treatment: Silent treatments are a cruel form of emotional abuse used to punish a person. While not all people who use the silent treatment have NPD, this is always an unhealthy way to handle conflict or disagreements.

Scapegoating: Scapegoating often occurs in narcissistic family structures. This behavior deflects blame for family dysfunction onto one member.

Passive-aggressive behavior: Passive-aggressive behavior refers to indirect communication or actions rather than open expressions of disagreement or negative emotions.

Lies: Common signs of narcissistic abuse often include frequent lying. Narcissists may lie about who they were hanging out with or about significant conversations and events. Often, they create false realities to distract from their negative traits and characteristics.

Smear campaigns: Narcissists sometimes spread lies and misinformation to discredit a victim and harm their reputation, an action referred to as a narcissistic smear campaign.

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms or behaviors, it may be time to consider Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach. I am confident that as a Narcissistic Abuse Survivor, I can help you. Contact me today for a free consultation.