Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.

We are not to stop growing. In fact, no living thing on earth is meant to stop growing.

Progressing in life is all about reinvention. Reinvention is not a search for rewards or achievements. There is a difference when you set a goal to achieve something for instance a job, it has an “end date.” Once you get the job, you are no longer reaching and stretching yourself, which means you stop growing.

Reinvention does not have an end. Reinvention is what allows you endless opportunities to continue to explore new parts of yourself when you explore you are willing to grow.

Whenever you find something about yourself you want to change, you need to look for ways to change and reinvent yourself.

See Yourself Healed

When a potter looks at a clay looks at a piece of clay, they are looking for different ways to shape it. When they think of something to change, there is no emotional attachment. They just do it. This is how you need to see yourself–as a work of art, always in progress. There is no reason to get upset or come down hard and shame yourself when you see something you do not like. Instead, like an artist, just keep working.


Lord, help me to turn to You for your will. As I begin to change my behavior, I ask that You help me think about this through Your eyes and Your love. Help me to process my thoughts and desires.  Help me, awaken me, to Your presence and depth of love for me. Amen.

Identify the root of what needs to Change

Far too often, people focus too much on the thing they want to change instead of the habits that formed the bad habit. For example: trying to lose weight by exercising without identifying that the problem is their poor diet. To truly reinvent yourself, you must look for what created that habit in the first place and change it.

Practice changing every day

Change is not something you do some days and then take a break from other days. Change is a shift in lifestyle. It requires daily dedication, to the point where that new habit takes the place of the old one.

Set realistic goals

You can’t just wake up one morning and say, “I’m not going to be a prideful person” In order to make lasting change, you have to start by acknowledging that a bad habit like being prideful won’t be solved immediately. Instead, set the goal to practice humility, focus on one goal for a few weeks, and then go to the next one.

Look in the Mirror

It’s dangerous when you refuse to stop and really look at yourself–when you avoid self-reflection. There is a time and a place and for action and then there is a time and place to sit still and reflect. It’s about balance, you will quickly find that unless you take the time to ask yourself the tough questions, you will end up getting stuck and not know how you got there.

Find truth Tellers

If everyone around you is telling you “yes,” then you have a serious problem. You need people who are going to challenge and question you. You need people who won’t be afraid to tell you the truth. Tough feedback is essential for personal growth.

Be willing to take risks.

You will never become the person you want to be by continuing to be the person you currently are. Growth requires that you step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid you have to be willing to take that risk.  In less you take that leap into the new, you will forever stay exactly where you are.

Reinventing yourself is a process. It is not a “quick fix” or an “overnight solution.”

Remember change is a process and takes work, get started you’re worth it!

©Wanda Currie

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